The Network of the French Association of Sociology (Réseau de l’Association Française de sociologie – RT6): welfare, social policies and solidarity

The RT6 intends to be a forum for interaction, research and debate on all questions relating to the dynamics of the construction and evolution of welfare systems and solidarity. The network wishes to promote cross-national comparisons in particular, alongside national and cross-sectoral analyses. It aims to bring together different levels of study (macro-sociological, as well as micro-sociological). To this end, the Network organises symposia between the annual congresses of the AFS, along with sessions at the congresses. The communications and the themes addressed especially concern cross-national comparison and European processes. The Network also actively promotes the participation of young researchers and PhD students.

President: Jean-Claude Barbier (CNRS, University of Paris 1)

Vice-President: Maryse Bresson (UVSQ)

Honorary President: Anne-Marie Guillemard (University of Paris 5)